Debra and her team at Rock-it Promotions are some of the hardest-working, most focused and might I add, lovely women in the industry.  Not only do they represent some of the highest profile names and events, but they’re also super apt at getting everything you need on-time.  They bring low stress to high stress situations and that is plain and simple invaluable.

Sasha Tong, Senior Fashion Segment Producer, etalk

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Debra and her team for over six years. rock-it promotions is a group, led by Deb, that truly enjoys the work that they do. The organization is a great reminder that integrity and fun are the only way to get the job done!  

Teri Hart, On-Air Host and Supervising Producer, The Movie Network

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Debra and her team for over six years. Not only are they unbelievably talented at pulling off fabulous events for everything from the Toronto International Film Festival to Fashion Week (along with the best brands in the business), but they also always do it with a smile. It’s always a pleasure to work with rock-it promotions!

Mary Kitchen, former host and producer on CityTV (current on-air correspondent on OMG! Insider)

It’s always a pleasure to work with Debra and her staff. She’s upfront, driven and works hard to make things happen. I’m always pleased if I know Debra is on the PR team we’re working with on any editorial projects.                                                                                                                                              

Noreen Flanagan, Editor-in-Chief, Elle Canada

Working with Debra and her team is a pleasure. I can tell from their pitches that they’ve taken care to learn about the publication I edit and that they’ve worked to make their ideas original ones. Because of this, I always make time for them.

Maryam Siddiqi, National Post

There are few PR companies I enjoy working with as much as rock-it promotions. Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski and her team of savvy, smart and exceptionally competent publicists make generating story ideas, working on large-scale projects and replying to email fun and exciting (it *is* possible). I can count on this team to tailor their pitches perfectly to my needs, to promote products they believe in and to give me the inside scoop on buzz-worthy events/clients. rock-it’s always a pleasure to work with and the team is also a hell of a lot of fun to know.

Sarah Kelsey, Editor-in-Chief , Style Editor

rock-it promotions is always a pleasure to work with. They pitch me great brands, supply us with products whenever we need them, and are pleasant, efficient and helpful. Most importantly though, they have a keen understanding of what Sharp is all about – something I value highly in the PR teams I work with.

Jeremy Freed, Editor-in-Chief, Sharp Magazine and Sharp: The Book for Men

Working with rock-it is always a blast. Debra has a unique talent for pitching – not just a story idea, but also an angle – and this individualized approach is hugely appreciated. Her team bends over backward to make sure media members have the information and access that they need, whether before or after an interview or event. What impresses me most about rock-it is its unrivalled range of clients, from household names to household products, fundraisers to fun shops. If this is what Debra has accomplished in 12 short years, I expect to be blown away by all that rock-it will achieve over the next decade.

Amy Verner, Style Reporter, Globe and Mail

Working with rock-it promotions has always been a pleasure. No muss, no fuss, no attitude. Deb Goldblatt does all the heavy lifting and sets up interviews and events so they evolve flawlessly. Wish the rest of my work life could run as smoothly.

Rita Zekas, Trends and features writer, Toronto Star

“There are few PR agencies that are as easy, nice, competent and a joy to work with as much as rock-it promotions. Debra and her team are savvy, smart, creative, friendly and exceptionally competent publicists. They are always a pleasure to work with and truly make my job easier knowing they are on my team!”
Natalie Beitashour, Director of Public Relations, pOpchIps

“I have had the pleasure of working with Deb and the rock-it team since the opening of my hotel. I have always known the value of good public relations but rarely in my business career has it been as essential and even mission critical as has been the case with the Drake. Deb’s guidance, insights and hard work have resulted in a wide range of excellent results across multiple mediums. And, as an additional bonus, Deb and her team are a joy to work with.”

Jeff Stober, Owner, the Drake Hotel

“Having had the pleasure of working with rock-it promotions on a number of projects over many years (including Festival Music House, Feist), I can say from experience that they are hands down my favourite PR agency in the city.  If you’re able to convince them to take your project on you will be better for it.  Good luck. They’re appropriately picky.”
Jeffrey Remedios, President & Co-founder, Arts & Crafts

“The Rock-it team has the perfect combination of what we look for in publicity—intelligent ideas to help us develop new angles and approaches to capture publicity, the charm and moxie to capture the interest of the media producers editors and writers, and most importantly the work ethic required to get it all done.  I highly recommend them and will be using Rock-it for our next campaign.”
Corey Ross, President, Starvox Entertainment and Marketing

“Deb Goldblatt is one amazing lady. The passion and commitment she has towards her clients is admirable and her professionalism – truly outstanding. (Toronto) Fashion Week has flourished under the care of the rock-it team for the past 12 seasons. I couldn’t have been happier with Debra’s superb work.”
Robin Kay, President, Fashion Design Council of Canada

“Incredible enthusiasm. Hard working.  Results.  Our team at rock-it does it all and more. They have maintained a consistent level of energy and dedication since the first day we started working together two years ago. I’ve worked with a number of PR agencies, and that has never happened before. They have always made us feel like we were their only client and always go above and beyond the call of duty.  Thank you for continuing to provide fabulous service… and always with a smile!”
Jeremy Logan, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Standard 

“When it comes to funding media relations and publicity, one of the biggest challenges is measuring and justifying the return on investment. In fact, after several years of spending on public relations, we actually found we were getting a diminishing return on our investment.

Until we started working with rock-it. Almost overnight, the rock-it team started delivering results. They quickly got up to speed on our brand and immediately surrounded us with traditional media outreach, an impressive, multi-faceted orchestration of social media, and powerful and strategic professional relationships they leveraged on our behalf.

The result has been easily measurable ROI: footsteps into our store, visitors into our customers’ stores, traffic on our website, and ultimately, sales. Most impressive, is that all this has been accomplished strategically; with our brand imperatives at the heart of the work they do for us. We aren’t just getting customers through the door, we are getting the right customers through the door. And when they come through the door, those same customers are telling us they are seeing Consonant everywhere, which means rock-it is also delivering the most valuable commodity of all, and that’s buzz. With rock-it, publicity isn’t a cost anymore, it is a true investment that delivers measurable results: immediate sales and long-term brand equity. As a business owner, I cannot recommend the team at rock-it highly enough.”
Bill Baker, Owner, Consonant Skincare

“As the owner of Body Blitz, my hurdles were not only a new business but bringing a brand new spa concept to Toronto. Being the first women’s health facility that focused on therapeutic waters, and century old treatment in a communal environment, we knew at the inception stage that we would need a strong publicist who could handle a challenge and turn body blitz into the best new facility in Toronto.

Debra and the rock-it staff put together a promotional plan utilizing their endless contacts. The publicity we received was strategically perfect and the actual press we received was absolutely incredible. Debra and rock-it were instrumental in the launch of body blitz and continue to work with us on a daily basis to ensure we are maximizing every press opportunity.

On a personal note, Debra and her team are one of the most professional companies I have worked with. She not only brings endless expertise in the press world, but a sense of calm unlike most publicists. We are forever indebted to rock-it for their endless leads and their incredible ideas.

It also helps that Debra is one of the most respected publicist in Canada… we are not going away any time soon Debra and we look forward to launching more body blitz spas in other cities with you.”
Laura Polley and Rena Polley, Owners, Body Blitz