What does a publicist do?
People often think products, services, events and artists end up in magazines, newspapers or online and on TV and radio because the outlet sought them out. Rarely is this the case. Most of the time, a public relations team or consultant is hired to create a stir about a project or announcement, making it the spotlight of their specific field or market (i.e. fashion, beauty, film, music, art, etc.). We contact all types of media on behalf of our clients, pitch them relevant, compelling story ideas or product placement and facilitate images, interviews, supporting information, fact-checking and more.

What is the difference between PR and advertising?
Stories secured through PR are what is known as “earned media” (meaning a story was pitched and a journalist covered the topic), while advertising is “paid media” (meaning the company bought media space to showcase their brand in a given outlet). Typically, PR services cost less than advertising, though clients have greater brand control with ad buys because they are paying for the message through a direct-to-consumer “sell”. Alternatively, PR is usually an objective, third party endorsement of a brand, product or service, which is invaluable when you receive positive attention. Each platform has its own advantages, and campaigns are often most successful when PR and advertising are carried out in tandem.

Why can’t I do it myself?
The idea behind publicity is simple. We act as a liaison between the media (print, radio, television, online outlets, bloggers and social media) and you, ensuring that your current project or brand is being solicited to the proper outlets. For example, it would be difficult for an actor to call up a film critic and pitch his or her own movie for review because there is no objectivity. It would be tedious and time-consuming for a new venue owner to worry about having the right people at their opening party when they have so many other concerns on their minds. We take the worry and work out of your hands. We have an in-depth knowledge of, and an established relationship with, the media that allows us to contact the appropriate person about your project.

How much does PR cost?
Rates vary dependent on project size, campaign length, the number of publicists required to handle the account and more. rock-it promotions will work with you to develop an appropriate, integrated PR plan tailored to your goals and budget. Many see PR as a business investment, however it should be considered a necessity. When planning for the year, make sure a portion is dedicated to PR and marketing as these are two key components for any successful company. For more information, please email buzz@rockitpromo.com.

How are results measured?
rock-it promotions uses Media Relations Rating Points (MRP) to evaluate and report editorial media coverage for its clients. MRP is the Canadian industry standard endorsed by the Canadian Public Relations Society, International Association of Business Communicators of Canada, Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms and News Canada.

Why should I hire rock-it promotions?
With a combination of tenacity, varied experience and extensive sales backgrounds, we have the skills to ensure that rock-it promotions will execute a comprehensive public relations campaign that effectively promotes your goals. Results-driven, we work until the job is done (and done well) and recognize the importance of bringing clients a strong ROI. We’re a happy team of hardworking publicists who hustle to communicate your message, always with a smile on our faces. But don’t just hear it from us; check out testimonials for rock-it from clients and media.